Ode to Cheese

To my dearly Brie-loved,

It’s not usually my style to wax cheesy like this, but with Valentine’s Day coming up so soon, I thought I’d muenster the courage to tell you how I really feel. The truth is...I’m extremely fond-ue you.

I’ve been in love before, but they always moved onto greener pastures, leaving me (prov)olone. Now I can see that those past relationships were full of holes and destined to leave my heart in shreds.

But make me melt, and I’ve never felt feta than I do when I’m with you. No one has ever curd about me the way you do! When I’m worn down from the daily rind, you Roque(fort) my world. It doesn’t even bother me that your mom is a cow and your dad is a silly goat--you’ve somehow grown up to be so cultured, living your life with no rennets.

I know, I friends say you’re no gouda for me. They say I’m nacho type, that I’d be cheddar off alone. But what can I say? Graters gonna grate. They’ll never make us crumble!

With that, I just wanted to say...I love you (que)so much. Thanks for never making me feel blue (cheese). You really are the cream of the crop! I’ll always be your grill <3

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