Bennett’s Unveils New Winter Menu

At Bennett’s kitchen•bar•market in Roseville, we pride ourselves on sourcing the freshest, highest quality ingredients for all of our inventive dishes. To ensure that we only use products that are currently in season, we rotate our menu throughout the year. We are excited to introduce our updated menu for Winter 2019-20!

Check out some of the new highlights on our winter menu this year:

Steamed Mussels

We love mussels and are thrilled to offer them during their peak season of October through March! With their delicate flavor, these versatile shellfish are delicious when eaten on their own, with a little melted butter, or incorporated into a variety of dishes. Served simply with garlic butter and parmesan bread, our steamed mussels are available on our all-day share plate menu. In addition to being tasty, mussels are an excellent source of nutrients like vitamin B12, iron, selenium, and manganese. Skip the hassle of sourcing and preparing quality mussels, and come in to Bennett’s to satisfy your shellfish cravings!

Prawn Cocktail

Also available on our all-day share plate menu, our prawn cocktail features four succulent, wild-caught white Mexican jumbo prawns served with our house-made cocktail sauce.

Carpaccio of Seared Tri Tip

Savor the richness of our premium-quality beef with our new carpaccio of seared tri tip. Served with arugula, lemon, capers, olive oil, and parmesan ribbons, this simple yet elegant preparation allows the flavor of the tri tip to shine.

Roasted Wild Mushroom Soup

Nothing warms the soul like a bowl of soup on a chilly day! This season, warm up with our creamy roasted wild mushroom soup, drizzled with arugula pesto and served with garlic bread.

Lasagna Bolognese

Served with our irresistible parmesan garlic bread, our hearty lasagna bolognese is perfectly suited for winter weather.

Apple Blackberry Crisp

Satisfy your sweet tooth with our apple blackberry crisp, served with sweetened cream. We were proud to have our unique rendition of the timeless apple crisp featured on the cover of the November 2019 issue of Style Magazine!

Dickel Rye Old Fashioned

We think a classic cocktail is the ideal complement to a hearty winter meal, so we were excited to add this beverage to our menu. Our take on the Old Fashioned features smooth, barrel-aged rye whiskey by George Dickel, a dash of bitters, orange, lemon, and a luscious Amarena cherry.

In addition to these new features, our winter menu includes all of the Bennett’s favorites, from our miso vegan ramen to the chicken enchiladas. We take pride in offering a delicious option for any taste preference or dietary need, including vegan, paleo, gluten-free, keto, and everywhere in between. Check out our full menu at, or come to Bennett’s today to experience the mouthwatering dishes we’re showcasing this season!

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